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Decorating like in magazines and books?

Have you ever wondered why interior designers put slippers on poufs in magazine photos? They do it to make the scene look like a living room.

Images and illustrations to decorate books, magazines and other advertisements are designed to sell a product or idea.

But what is missing from the rooms created in most interior design books and magazines?

decorating your home

When decorating your home, forget about the empty rooms you see in magazines and books. You should design your rooms as wallpaper for the people who use and live in those rooms. To make the most of the space in your home, try these simple methods:

Leave the field empty. An empty space gives you breathing room and makes the most important items in the room – people – shine!

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Rustic Romance, Barn Wedding Decor

The openness and naturalness of a barn wedding makes couples lean toward it, especially in modern settings.

A backyard wedding full of rustic charm, intimate, relaxing, peaceful, charming and full of Mother Nature’s creativity. A barn wedding brings you closer to the wonderful healing energy of nature.

The understated grandeur of the magnificent arches, the rustic medieval teak doors with stunning carvings, and the massive gates anchoring the lawn are filled with elegant old-world charm.

barn wedding decor

The main stage or altar, where the bride and groom take their vows, is decorated with a p. XVIII arch. With subtle shades of blue, penetrating the woods. Romantic flowers and earthy rustic decorations intertwine with the woods. Crystal chandeliers suspended above the tables add soft lighting and subtle charm.

Interior Design

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